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Membership covering the period July 1, 2023 to June 30, 2024

The membership forms represent the categories of membership to our chapter. We so welcome your interest and support.

Full Year Membership

Condominium Corporations

To join CCI, simply download our Condominium Corporation Membership form (PDF format), complete it and email the completed application to the Administrator at or print it and mail it along with payment to address indicated on the form. An invoice will be forwarded by email to the contact person and/or manager.

Corporation Membership Form

Individuals, Professionals & Business Partners

To join CCI, simply download our Membership Application Form (PDF format), complete and email to the Administrator at or print and mail your completed application along with payment to address indicated on the form.

Membership Application Form

Pro-rated membership for NEW Members

Where there is interest in a category of membership to CCI-London & Area Chapter that occurs at any time after January 1st and before the end of any current fiscal year of June 30th:

The resolution of the CCI Board of Directors relative to a pro-rated membership during the current fiscal year is to offer a ½ year option (at ½ the current membership fee) along with membership for the following fiscal year at the current membership rate and where no further action will take place relative to any increase in the membership fee for the following fiscal year.

Please contact the Administrator for the appropriate form.

Membership CHANGE Form

This form is to be used when you have had a change in your Corporation/Board of Directors’ Listing: Each Condominium Corporation shall designate a director of the Board to be their "contact director" to receive all notices and communications from CCI by email or at their address for service (on-site). That person can also vote on behalf of the Corporation. The membership and benefits are shared with the owners of the condominium corporation membership. 

Membership Change Form


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