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The annual membership to CCI spans the period July 1 through June 30.

Both the Condominium Corporation Membership Listing and the Individual, Professional and Business Partner Membership Listing will be updated as new and renewed members are welcomed into our CCI Family. As always, thank you for your continued support and participation. 

We appreciate when current members promote CCI to their client corporations and business colleagues who provide goods and services in the community-at-large. Promotion of CCI happens all year long. The growth of condominium inspires us to grow our membership so that we can be helpful to all who have interest in the condominium arena.

Pro-rated membership for NEW Members

Where there is interest in a category of NEW membership to CCI-London & Area Chapter that occurs at any time after January 1st and before end of any current fiscal year of June 30th:

We encourage all members to recognize the professional and business partner members when demands for the specific services they offer arise. They support CCI in many ways, including as presenters and instructors at the events, advertising in our publications, and sponsoring and/or providing door prizes at our events. Their generosity goes a long way towards CCI being able to preserve current costs to administer the chapter. We are happy to share our listing of Professional and Business Partner members with owners of condominiums who may need to source their services while they are planning their own unit projects or requirements.

We will enter your membership information as soon as we receive your new or renewal membership forms and payment. Please remember to forward the forms with up-to-date information with your payment so we can share the information with our community.

For Condominium Corporation Memberships:  It is important that we maintain up-to-date records of your board listing and ask that you update it with the Administrator whenever there is a change.

For Individual, Professional and Business Partner Memberships:  If you and your company do not appear in this current directory of Individual, Professional and Business Partner Members, it is not because we do not value the services you provide in our community, rather because we have not yet received your membership. We do hope you will consider expanding your business profile to the condominium community as soon as possible.

Changes in some of the members’ contact information are included in this new listing, so please review to update your own files.

If you require assistance with the new or renewal membership process, wish to advertise in our chapter publications, or sponsor at our events, please contact the Administrator Trish Kaplan via email at who will be most happy to assist you. 

Thanks so much for your support. It is most appreciated, always.

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