February 3, 2020 - CCI-London Chapter News

Activity Update

It's been busy times these last months as we completed our 2-day Condominium Course; the December 3rd Lunch and Learn "Just Stop the Water” and the January 21st Seminar "Uncertain Ground Rule Enforcement and Nuisance; published our 2nd edition of the CCI Review and the 2020 Professional Service & Trades Directory. They were put into the mail at the end of January (a little late with apologies). Please make sure you view the directory of members on the website as updated membership has occurred since the publication was released. We will update it regularly so that you have the benefit of additional expertise as you consider upcoming projects. The link to the online Directory is here.

We are so grateful to all the volunteers who are on the CCI Board of Directors for their time and expertise and to those out in the communities who help us out and who are doing an amazing job of attending to and solving day to day issues that come up. Check out the Chapter Communiqué in our next publication of the CCI Review for more information on events.

So far, so good!

When is weather not a topic of conversation during the winter months? It hasn't been too bad, comparatively speaking, and we've been able to get out and about. We didn't get off scot-free though - water issues are always and continue to be challenging. We do thank our snow removal crews though for swiftly attending to the safety of the residents and properties in the condominiums across the region. We also thank all those who participated in assisting when water ruined any day.


Very recently (January 31st to February 2nd) we shared our story "Coast to Coast... we are your condo connection!" at the Lifestyle Homeshow in the Agriplex of the Western Fair District. Our CCI Directors and some of our very supportive friends were there to meet, greet and share information with condominium owners, residents and the many exhibitors.

The talent of the exhibitors who shared such a wide range of expertise is inspiring, both for owners and for boards/managers, and we can hope to build on our membership listing of skill for you to use as your needs arise. We so appreciate the time they shared with us at the show.

When searching out professionals, trades and experts in any field, we recommend that you view their website to consider all of the services they provide, to meet with them to ensure they are a good fit for your property, and to check for references. While we welcome all to our membership on your behalf, you are entrusted with these tasks.


It is important to us to address whatever issues that arise in your communities or that you may have an interest in for future planning. Please share with us so we can address them, be it in a seminar or a publication. You are the inspiration that we welcome.

As we progress through the year, we are also happy to receive pictures of your properties/projects or other photos you would like to share with us for our Facebook page, Instagram or future publications, including next year’s Professional & Service Trades Directory. Please send them to be at ccisw@cci-sw.on.ca.


Information on events, including flyers with specific information for each event, is posted on the website as soon as the organizers of the Education Committee have finalized the topic, description, and presenters for the event. If you are reading this, feel free to share the posted flyers with colleagues and owners who may have an interest in the content. We look forward to seeing you.

For any Seminar, simply email your RSVP to ccisw@cci-sw.on.ca. Include your full name and company/condo plan # and cc your manager where there is one. Your RSVP will assist with setup for the event. Where you find that you are unable to attend a seminar, no fee will be assigned. Where you may have found that you neglected to RSVP to a seminar, do not let that stop you from coming out. You are welcome to come ahead and sign in at the event.

For any Lunch & Learn: as food is involved, your RSVP is absolutely required by the due date noted on the flyer. Your acceptance of the invitation can be forwarded to ccisw@cci-sw.on.ca with a cc to your manager where there is one. Please note however, where a registrant for any Lunch & Learn has not cancelled within 5 days of the event or does not attend the event, no refund or credit will be issued and the cost of the event will be invoiced.

PRIVACY POLICY: Use of Photographs and Video Recordings

We may take photographs or video recordings of individuals during CCI events or meetings. These photographs and/or video recordings are property of CCI London. An individual’s picture, name and the captions referred to below may be used indefinitely by CCI London or anyone authorized by it, including but not limited to the National Offices of CCI, in all materials pertaining to their business and/or the promotion of the CCI or condominium living.

The photographs may be cropped and re-sized as necessary to fit pre-defined formats and used in all forms of communications in any media, including but not limited to publicity, exhibitions, books, DVDs, television and web/digital media presentations.

Since participation in CCI London events and meetings is voluntary, individuals waive any payments or compensation for the use of photographs and video recordings.

For more on the CCI Privacy Policy, click here.


The Legislative Committee of CCI has been producing new Newsflash eblasts related to legislative change in the province. They cover various topics and are NEW to our website. We are confident you will find them informative.


Increased production/distribution costs of our publications and as suppliers continue a gradual move from traditional print advertising to digital and other direct marketing initiative, the Board is taking steps to provide a digital copy of our CCI Review that you can access online from our website. We will need at least one email address from our condominium corporations so that we can alert you when the publication is posted online. If you did not receive your copy of the first publication of 2019/2020 for any reason, you can find it here.

More on advertising opportunities will come soon.

We would consider it very helpful to know your thoughts on this plan of action, including your preferences. Please share your thoughts in writing to ccisw@cci-sw.on.ca.


Inspiration from members of our condominium community assist us with developing articles and educational events so we can all understand the complexities of condominiums. Your suggestions are welcome always. You can send them to ccisw@cci-sw.on.ca anytime. We always appreciate hearing from you.


The 2020 Golf Tournament is scheduled for Monday, June 22nd. We hope you will put it on your calendar and join us for a day on the links. The forms for Player/Team and Sponsorship will be posted later.


We love to hear from you.

On behalf of the CCI Board of Directors, we wish you a great 2020. We hope you enjoy and are safe for the remaining months of winter.

Best Wishes,

Trish Kaplan, (CCI Hon's)
Administrative Coordinator
CCI London and Area Chapter
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1593 Adelaide Street North
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Please note – the address above is located at a Canada Post outlet – a mailbox only. The Administrator is part-time and works from a home-based office. Please contact her by email (preferred) in advance to arrange for deliveries.

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