March 2, 2020 - CCI-London Chapter News

We Care

During these uncertain times, there are some certainties which we hope will calm the frayed nerves.

1. We are each responsible for our own wellbeing. Keep updated by the public health units in your city, province and country. Here are the links and we encourage you to check them regularly for news, Undoubtedly, you will have questions and updates on the links below will answer most of them so that you don't have to tie up telephone lines to these important health organizations in our community. We don't want you to be unnerved by the message "We are currently experiencing significant call volume on our phone lines" when you call. They all have excellent Q&A sections.

2. We at CCI will do what we can to help you stay healthy by following the recommendations put forth by the Public Health Unit, because we care.

1. Make sure you check updates here on our website and on Facebook for changes in our events. For example, these postponements have been made,

i. the March 24th event on Reserve Fund Studies: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly has been postponed. As soon as we are a little more confident that we are protecting you and our presenters as best as possible we will reschedule.

ii. The ACMO/CCI-London Conference schedule for May 8 has been postponed. We are looking at a July 10th date at this time.

2. Check the City of London website before going out – closures and cancellation notices locally will be posted. You can also link to the above public health agencies from this link.

3. Your managers and boards will keep you updated on community events, so please read each communication carefully.

4. Your professional and business suppliers will be in touch with important information about their offices and hours. Please know that everyone has the same concern for their employees and clients and understand that safety for all must be our motto.

5. Check out our CCI website for updates and Facebook for interesting articles and more, including some very interesting activities for your children.

6. Be careful – while we are all doing our best to remain healthy, the fraudsters are at work. Don't get scammed.

7. To help you pass the time, crank up the music – sing and dance to your favourite tunes. Find amusing items on FB and Instagram. Laughter is the best medicine.

8. To help you and little ones if they are in your care, post this to help them.

9. Help small local businesses by shopping local. Help them stay in business.

10. Thank all of our heroes who are front line and working round the clock through all of the difficult circumstances – hospital staff, those working to ensure we have food to purchase, neighbours who are helping us through the difficult times and the list goes on. Kindness is within all of us and we can all share our kindness with our neighbours and others who might need a little help to get through these difficult times.

11. From the World Health Organization, you can find a number of help posters, such as coping with stress:;

and so important for us all:



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