March 1, 2021 - CCI-London Chapter News

We continue to pay attention

It’s been many months and while there is good news, there continue to be concerns relative to COVID-19.  We know you are all doing your part to keep informed, as well as safe. We applaud you for that. We continue to look forward to seeing you in-person whenever we can be perfectly confident of all of our health and well-being.

The summer months are upon us and we hope you do get opportunities to visit with loved ones. We share your craving for a longed-for hug from a loved one.

CCI will continue to share information via the quarterly CCI Review publication which will continue to be in digital form online

Where boards and managers may be organizing and implementing projects, please review the Professional and Business Partner Members in our annual directory and support them as they support CCI and its offerings. We will be updating both the 2021-2022 Condominium Corporation Membership Listing and the 2021-2022 Individual, Professional and Business Partner Membership Listing very soon with those who have renewed membership to CCI. Watch for new members to the organization.

Be reminded that it is recommended to engage appropriate professionals in advance of important assignments. 

The Education Committee will be working hard over these upcoming months to organize and schedule educational events for you. Every experience connects us with learning opportunities. If you have a particular issue you would like to be addressed, do email the Administrator at

Sharing Condominium Resources

Condominium development across Canada continues to grow. There are pros and cons to owning a condominium and only you can make the decision, with the appropriate information and professional counsel available. The websites listed below are important resources for all potential buyers, owners, boards and managers. There are many opportunities for us to learn and be up-to-date on condominium news. 



For upcoming events across Canada, please visit CCI National where all national, regional chapter seminars, educational courses and networking events are posted.


Individual chapter locations can be found here.




The Condominium Authority of Ontario (CAO) continues to share important information to understand how a condominium corporation is established and operates. Both potential buyers and seasoned condominium owners would be well served to visit their website to familiarize themselves with rights and responsibilities as members of a condominium community here.

The publication Ontario’s Residential Condominium Buyers’ Guide can be helpful to all. Access to the guide is here:



The Condominium Authority Tribunal (CAT), is Ontario’s first fully online tribunal that uses dispute resolution system to help people resolve certain types of condominium-related disputes conveniently, quickly, and affordably. Learn about each stage of the CAT’s process and more here.



The Condominium Management Regulatory Authority of Ontario (CMRAO) was created through provincial legislation as oversight to protect consumers, strengthen the professional and give condominium owners the confidence in the people and companies that manage their important investment. Important updates and notices   are provided on their website here.



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